Possessor ★★★★

Need to see it again. Cold, calculated, apocalyptic, sterile. Constant uneasy feeling throughout-waiting for impending doom-a mood. Very cool images and editing which highlights the cool FX. Riseborough is awesome, music is great. This world seems so wild-I would have thought they’d need more time to establish someone as crazy/off the rails to complete their tasks but they don’t. I ultimately love the ending because I feel it’s so deserved. Corporate rich fucks don’t have souls they don’t know what loss is. Loss of identity or reality. There is so much happening but it’s all so good. It’s all so chilling. So fucked. So good. So honest. 

Mandy, Beyond the Black Rainbow, Inception, Kill List all came to mind at some point while watching. Will list more as I remember.

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