Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald ★½

Ya bitch saw this mf in 3D
Here’s some notes I took because I had no idea what the hell was going on!!!!

- Somebody needs to tell me if Zoe Kravitz spoke in a British accent during the movie, cause wouldn’t that go against JK’s British purity wishes? 
-Newt in French dubbing is apparently Norbert 

-Why the fuck did they make grindelwald so fuckin ugly I hate you Jonny depp

-Thé ultimate defense strategy : curtains 

- Why didn’t they just cast an old actor as Nicholas flemmel, that makeup was weird as hell 
- They really milked the hell out of Newt’s bad posture, Yates might as well have told Redmayne, “just do Hawking again.” 

- Same for Ezra miller lol bruh 

- Multiple characters looked straight into the eye of the camera?

- The color scheme for this movie is so fucking ugly
- I shit you not I predicted that it was a dead baby and i was right 

- The Newt and Tena Theme (music) is actually really good and it’s a shame it had to be used like this

- Damn grindelwald is a vape god 

- Y’all were right about Newts brother being hot sorry I doubted you

- Are there zero muggle detectors for Jacob??? How is he getting past all of this without security? 

- I love how every single character decision in this movie comes out of absolutely fucking nowhere

I actually really like the idea that Dumbledore and Grindelwald’s story is getting told but I have no fucking clue why they’re making Newt and company such a big part of it. It’s a no from me dog, this was a mess and the ending was the most anticlimactic shit ever. The good news is that it felt a lot shorter than 140 minutes. 
* seen in French

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