Isn't It Romantic ★★★

This doesn’t live up to hilarious expectations that it promised, but guys, I love Rebel Wilson. I think she is a legitimately funny and equally well-rounded actress. I believed her 100% throughout this, and you know why? Because I know Jonah Hill was there too once- and it’s a totally off-handed comparison of two plus-size comedic actors who had been demoted to the weird, intense person towards the beginning of their careers. But now Jonah Hill is getting academy recognition and writing scripts and doing his thing! I think Wilson has that capacity as well.
And even Adam Devine didn’t entirely piss me off, although he is most certainly not a 7 across the board as he indicates.
The Australian visa thing hits a lil too close to home (sorry Max lol) and oh my GOD Liam Hemsworth in this movie. Comedic gold. He is also so SO attractive that this qualifies as a thirst watch, but I actually died when he started kicking air/plants as a way of being « quirky » while on the phone with his dad. He is also a terrible dancer but conveniently a fantastic sax player. I still love Chris more, but now I approve of Liam. I could watch that end musical sequence all day. Love it.

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