Possessor ★★★★½

"This is also mine. Uh... I killed and mounted it one summer when I was a girl and then felt guilty about it. I still fee guilty about it."
"Very good."

Well, now... What to say about Possessor? I mean, Brandon's definitely his father's son. He made a pretty twisted film already with his first, a story about people paying to get the same diseases as their favorite celebrities, but Possessor pretty much blows the strangeness of Antiviral right out of the water. It's a bit insane to consider assassins hacking people's brains so they can take out their targets and then kill the body they've been kicking around in so they can go home with no loose ends, but once Collin noticed that he'd been hacked and then took back control, that's when things got ultra fucked for me. Just... Wow.

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