Ready Player One

like this movie/“book” only exists so the boring 35 year old white guy with no talent or aspirations beyond his trivial nostalgia can feel less marginalized and that’s awful because they’re being loud about it but it’s fun!!

i been pretty vocal about how awful i thought this was gonna be which is kinda dumb cuz i knew damn well spielberg was directing it and like i mean i wasn’t wrong, this the dumbest shit ever, but it’s spielberg. like sure it would have been a whole lot better if it was Completely different (if ty sheridan didnt look like a fucking sleepy fish monster and wasn’t just the worst, if the romance was just not there at all cuz it was just gross and awful, if the people who wrote it fell into a hole and got stuck, etc.), but it’s a good time. like the world would probably be better off if it didn’t exist but it’s a good time. the shining sequence made me scream!!

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