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  • Ration Bored

    Ration Bored


    I haven't had a lot to say about these Woody Woodpecker cartoons — the character is mostly just annoying and not funny, the animation is solid but usually nothing spectacular. This one, though, is pretty interesting for its references to the rationing and shortages during World War II. Not willing to do his part for the war effort by avoiding car travel, Woody responds to the gasoline shortage by stealing some gas from a cop (further developing this series' oddly…

  • The Phantom Rocket

    The Phantom Rocket


    Inventive stuff in this adventure starring "the original Tom and Jerry" (unrelated to the famous ones). The titular duo boards the 1933 conception of a "rocket" — actually looking like a zeppelin — that is quickly hijacked by a bandit and subjected to arduous travels through both air and sea. A highlight is the rocket being punched by clouds personified as tough guys.

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  • I Got Plenty of Mutton

    I Got Plenty of Mutton


    Basically does the "nobody's perfect" ending fifteen years before Some Like it Hot.

  • Wholly Smoke

    Wholly Smoke


    Porky's immigrant mother gives him a nickel for the collection plate at church, but he spends it on a cigar; the resulting nicotine-induced hallucination is a masterpiece of cartoon surrealism. Even after waking from this nightmare, Porky's takeaway (and the message evidently intended by WB) is not that smoking is bad, but that it's only bad for little boys. Children shouldn't smoke, adults should feel free to pursue fever dreams featuring caricatures of the Three Stooges in cigar form.