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  • First Cow

    First Cow


    Every frame a fucking painting.

    As a consequence of a recent deep dive into Reichardt's work, she's the filmmaker I've maybe spent the most time pondering about this year and I struggle to think of another American filmmaker that is operating on the same wavelength as her. Her preference for a slower pace of storytelling is completely singular in the American film landscape. Most Hollywood films, mainstream and indie, either have a lot of talk, a lot of action, a…

  • The Gleaners and I

    The Gleaners and I


    Will there be another filmmaker like Agnes Varda? Who else could carry a documentary in such a style with such singular personality and vision?

    In 80 minutes Varda touches on themes of class, consumerism, waste, environmentalism, art-making, aging, film-making, food, charity, community, the law, and still finds time to show us accidental footage of her lens-cap dancing when she left her camera on. And who else could pull that last-thing off with such earnestness?

    I can't imagine anyone else coming…

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  • Faces Places

    Faces Places


    If there is any filmmaker I want to be, it is Agnes Varda. Not for her filmmaking ability or creativity (which she has plenty), but for her wonderful openness to life and to the lives of others. Varda sees you, she sees you wholly as you are, despite her failing vision. Her gentle curiosity and warmth will melt your heart and so will her immeasurable capacity for understanding and feeling.

    In a film both smartly structured and yet sweetly wandering,…

  • Cities of Last Things

    Cities of Last Things

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    SGIFF: This year we have all women directed films in our feature competition and an all female short film competition jury
    2 min later~
    SGIFF Opening Night Film: sympathize with this dude killing his wife cos he had a shitty mom; women are the cause of men's woes

    Me: :O


    Really, this is the opening night film of the festival? Of all things?

    First of all: shooting on expired 35mm film stock as a marketing ploy? GIMMICK; it looks..…