The Trial of the Chicago 7 ★★½

There are some truly baffling choices here--the casting is like something you'd get from throwing darts at randomly arranged headshots and the use of music throughout can only be characterized as sabotage--but there is a floor for "Aaron Sorkin courtroom drama." Part of me would like to call this "the worst piece of shit I've ever seen" but I can't honestly say that. There are genuinely stirring courtroom drama beats. The Sork delivers a handful of legit one-liners. Some of the randomly assigned actors hit home runs (I think, after many years, we can all agree that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is some kind of Platonic ideal of "humorless supporting character in a suit.")

But there's no other way to say this: Eddie Redmayne is an MKUltra psychological torture experiment that got out of hand. I demand trials, prosecutions, and Thunderdome. Sacha Baron Cohen must merely spend an evening in a Worcester bar with no bodyguards and no camera crew. Jeremy Strong gets off with a (stern) warning. Mark Rylance is not guilty, but whoever's idea it was to cast him as WILLIAM FUCKING KUNSTLER is getting shot into space sans helmet.

And Sorkin just is who he is. This movie plays like he got a big check, browsed Wikipedia for a couple days, banged out some verbiage, and got the whole thing over as quickly as possible. Whether or not that reflects reality is anyone's guess, but then reflecting reality isn't really his thing.