Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★★

i’ve come to a conclusion that if parasite wasn’t in the game then i’d want jojo rabbit to win the best picture oscar. i’m 100% sure about this. 

this was my second time seeing this beautiful and sad film and i’m still just so speechless. this film makes me feel SO much. it’s so beautiful and yet extremely sad and then also really funny. i just love it so much. 
as my dad said; it’s poetic.
might be my favorite of the year, actually.
so so beautiful. full of hope.

also, my mom once again had a five minute long monologue to us about how roman griffin davis absolutely deserves an oscar nomination for how incredible he was as jojo and honestly? yeah. 100%.
he really really deserved to be nominated. he’s absolutely amazing. one of my most favorite performances of the year as well.

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