Hiroshima Mon Amour ★★★

I really like the central concept here, drawing a hazy contrast between a fleeting relationship and the aftermath of the horrific bombing of Hiroshima as a way to explore how we're forever unable to escape the destructive events of the past because they continue to haunt the present. Lingering despair causing cycles of heartache, memories to distort and commitment to cease; most effectively demonstrated with the striking opening monologue interlaced with images of devastation and Emmanuelle Riva's poignant performance. Sadly, the narrative becomes increasingly self-examining as it progresses and my feelings of detachment grew at an identical rate. The same thematic elements are repeatedly covered in the same way to such a degree that it felt like it was simply going around in circles after a certain point. By the third act I could distinctly feel my interest waning and that stole much of the emotional weight.

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