Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★½

Fine as a fun spectacle but struggles to really resonate or leave a lasting impression. Steven Spielberg's visual flair is as strong as ever and the talented cast play their parts well, yet the overly conventional narrative holds it back. It follows too many cliches without adding anything of note and the engaging ideas lingering below the surface (about the legacy we leave behind and how the capitalist hell of modern life forces us to look for meaning in virtual reality) are ignored. Spielberg seems more interested in filling each section with awkward 80's references, imagery from pop culture and gigantic action sequences than he does exploring the thematic elements.

In the hands of someone as accomplished as Spielberg this is never a dull experience, but I feel like we've seen him do this style of film better many times before. It just ends up being unmemorable, okay whilst you watch it but you're probably going to forget most of it soon enough.

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