Rear Window

Rear Window ★★★★½

Rear Window is Hitchcock at his most playful. His visual storytelling is excellent as he conveys a great deal about the characters solely through imagery, while the commentary on voyerism and morality are cleverly weaved into the plot. The idea of discovering a neighbour's dark secret is relatable and it is perfect casting to have the quintessential everyman James Stewart in the lead, where he is aided by the effortlessly sophistocated Grace Kelly and the quick-witted Thelma Ritter.

As usual Hitchcock crafts a strong atmosphere of suspense, but allows a fair share of humour and romance to be scattered throughout to relieve the tension. He's clearly having fun manipulating the audience and the fact that the camera never leaves the apartment makes you subconsciously feel as helpless as Stewart's immobile Jeff. I think it can get slightly too leisurely in it's pacing, but it does build to a riveting climax.

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