Train to Busan ★★½

Given how well worn this type of material is, I feel that Train to Busan plays things a little too safe to leave much of an impression. I could forgive the lack of inventiveness on concepts we've seen many times before such as quick zombies or action on transportation if the characters were strong, but they're all so rigidly cliched that I struggled to get invested in their plight which deadened most of the emotional impact. It also doesn't help that many of the plot threads like the father learning to care more or the individual versus the collective social commentary feel overly trite. The high-concept premise providing an appreciable sense of propulsion combined with the urgent pacing and some suitably intense set pieces is what keeps things ticking along even as the character work falters. However, you can really feel the lack of emotional connection during the messy third act as it makes the conclusion come across as rather hollow.

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