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  • Love, Death & Robots: Beyond the Aquila Rift

    Love, Death & Robots: Beyond the Aquila Rift


    Diese Folge fällt durch wirklich schöne Animationen auf. Dass aber selbst in so einer Kurzen Geschichte Logiklücken auftreten (Kollegen hegen in der Simulation Zweifel an Gretas Identität) zeigt, wie schwierig das Spiel mit Twists sein kann. Trotzdem ist dies ein gelungener Kurzfilm.

  • Papillon



    Though I never read the novel, I'm still convinced that Papillon is one of the greatest adventure stories of all time. This first movie version is lushly presented in exotic settings, with inhumane treatment for French prisoners but also with hope for escape. McQueen and especially Hoffman gave stunning performances.
    Perhaps, the film is a little too long but nevertheless it is very compelling.

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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    First of all, it was fun to watch Baby Driver. The movie has it's own style and the way, how musical pieces are implemented, is very unique.
    Weak points are the clichéd bog-standard storyline and the car chase scenes. Those action scenes appear very hectic caused by numerous annoying cuts. For a movie, that mainly deals with the work of a getaway driver, this must be critical. So in the end, it's nothing more than a okay blockbuster, that cannot stick with the much more mature Drive.

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    Some might say, this movie was visually reduced, and that this wouldn't be a good argument for a motion picture. And because of many long indoor scenes, indeed it would have been a possible theatre play on a stage. There is no flashy camerawork needed to tell this everyday life story.
    Nevertheless, I say, it's more to a film, than just the optics. And in terms of acting and dialogue, this may be the best movie, I have ever seen.