• Fargo



    Such a great watch in the cinema. Haven’t seen this for a while but wasn’t expecting to laugh and enjoy this film as much as I did.

    Love Steve Buscemi, Frances McDormand and Peter Stormare. All there characters are so unique and funny and bring so much to the film. There was just so much I enjoyed and wasn’t expecting to, like the relationship between Margie and Norm, the banter between the two killers and the wood chipper scene. Even…

  • La Dolce Vita

    La Dolce Vita


    Goddamnit this film is too good. Fellini is for sure one of the best directors of all time imo.

    This film is so intimate and well thought out, I love the fact that all the vignettes piece together who Marcello is but the message of the film is that there’s no way we can even begin to comprehend who he is because the only person who can understand him is himself.

    I love how it takes these themes of individualism…

  • The Evil Dead

    The Evil Dead


    Sam Raimi has to at least be in contention for the GOAT of trilogies at this point.

    Just loved how refreshing and fun this was, practical effects, makeup and the sound design was crazy too I had a good time here.

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    June Scavenger Hunt

  • The Holy Mountain

    The Holy Mountain


    Who the fuck? How the fuck? Why the fuck? What the fuck?

    Starting the June Scavenger Hunt off on the maddest of trips, quite literally.

    I just want to know everything that drove this movie into what it is. I love the symbolism and how it flips the whole narrative on the standard adventure film. There’s so much to dig your teeth into about religion and what life actually means and the ending it leads to speaks so many volumes.…

  • Pi



    I do appreciate how ambitious and unique this film is. I love the concept, cinematography and the editing style and how it embodies the chaos of the whole story. Love how it looks for meaning within numbers that could be passed off as meaningless and using it as a microcosm for the question of why we’re here and what our meaning is.

    Love how the two groups who are after this divine number are both religious groups and a corporation…

  • Au Hasard Balthazar

    Au Hasard Balthazar


    So happy I finally got round to this and I wasn’t disappointed. I just think this film says so much about humanity and how we live and our instincts and it’s incredible when it’s centred around a donkey. But you feel so attached to it and feel that hatred towards humans as you see Gerard wrapped up in his envy and jealousy. While the fathers pride prohibits him and his family from living out a happy life.

    It’s quite a…

  • The Blob

    The Blob


    Real question is was The Blob ribbed or regular?

    Films I’ve Watched In 2021 Ranked

  • Cinema Paradiso

    Cinema Paradiso


    Wow, I just think this is one for like everyone who considers themselves a cinephile. I think the amount of nods to film and the nostalgia it brings and how it can define times in life where we believe everything was great. As well as love and the way films alter from life and the escapism you get from that.

    I love how layered the characters are and you feel like you yourself are enveloped in this world and this…

  • Going Overboard

    Going Overboard

    People who think Jack and Jill is Sandler’s worst film need to introduce themselves to this. It’s an hour and a half too long and proof laughter is never the best medicine.

    How this man got a career off the back of this movie I’ll never know.

    Films I’ve Watched In 2021 Ranked

  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    With Martin Scorsese and his comments on cinema over the last few years getting to see this on the big screen was incredible.

    Really allowed me to see the story as it progresses and builds so well. You can see Travis’ descent and it’s so captivating. The cinematography I love, Robert De Niro (and Martin Scorsese’s cameo) is incredible.

    Love the depiction of New York and the psychotic elements that infect and engulf Travis’ mind and how you really see…

  • Shallow Grave

    Shallow Grave


    For the most part I enjoyed this, thought Ewan McGregor and Kerry Fox were great. Their characters were so layered and dynamic, loved some parts of the cinematography and the ending really wrapped the film up well.

    I just wished the film developed Christopher Eccleston’s character more. He seems so dry and irrelevant to anything and then suddenly he’s so prominent and it just feels rushed that transition. And I wish the story was developed more, it’s a cool concept…

  • Midnight Cowboy

    Midnight Cowboy


    I wasn’t expecting to like this as much as I did. I really enjoyed the relationship between Joe Buck and Ratso, the acting between Hoffman and Voight as it made for a really intimate watch as you saw their relationship grow.

    What really won me over with this film, however, was the editing, cinematography and the depiction of New York and that era. I love the dream sequences that give so much insight into who the character is and their…