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  • Nomadland



    i don’t think i can properly put into words how this movie makes me feel. it’s so unlike any feeling i’ve ever received from a movie. maybe it’s something in between crushing existentialism and pure tenderness but neither of those descriptions really feel right either. it’s like, even though fern’s journey is vast and explodes with emotion, it never feels too big to handle. each person she meets and re-meets is a sort of glue that holds the human heart…

  • Still Walking

    Still Walking


    it’s movies like this that remind me of why i love cinema. it’s the grieving of a lost one. its the skewed memory of who said what. it’s the regret. it’s the apprehension of seeing the ones who mean the most but hurt the deepest. it’s the forgotten plans and the broken dreams. it’s the softly devastating stares while listening to an old song. it’s the bickering. it’s the moments of quiet revelation and loud pointlessness. it’s the stories told over and over again until they become apart of everyone. it’s the pain. it’s the love. it’s family

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