• Family Plot

    Family Plot


    "Isn't it touching how a perfect murder has kept our friendship alive all these years."

    Family Plot is Alfred Hitchcock's last film. He's the master at capturing your attention and hold it throughout a film. Family Plot has a lot of funny scenes in it, yet it has a great plot just like his other films. It has great actors and actresses in it, including Karen Black and Bruce Dern. I especially love the scene when Bruce Dern has to drive around curves in the road in a car with failed brakes. It's as you're in the car with him. Overall, what a thrill!

  • The Tenant

    The Tenant


    "I think I'm pregnant."

    The Tenant is a creepily entertaining film by Roman Polanski. The screenplay, acting and editing are all excellent. The cinematography is amazing, with the lensing and camera work some of the best I've seen. It's a great example of how to make a film like this shocking via cinematic fundamentals like editing pace, without expensive special effects and the crushing low frequency booms of today's films. A plausibly crafted descent into insanity. Overall, along with "Repulsion" (1965) and "Rosemary's Baby" (1968) the film is part of a loose trilogy by Roman Polanski dealing with the horrors faced by apartment and city dwellers.

  • Carrie



    "They're all gonna laugh at you."

    Carrie is one of my favorite horror films. Brian De Palma delivers an early success with "Carrie". His use of clever shots, close ups, tracking shots, moody lighting, image matching and metaphorical visuals make Carrie a delight to watch. Brian De Palma goes through every trick in the book for maximum horror and effective direction. He builds such gripping suspense as you are constantly worried for what is about to happen to Carrie. Sissy Spacek who literally looks like she just stepped off the farm, is wonderful in it. Overall, Carrie is certainly one of Brian De Palma's finest films.

  • Suspiria



    "Susie, do you know anything about... witches?"

    Suspiria tells the chilling tale of an American student and her enrollment in a prestigious European ballet school that holds a dark and sinister secret. One of the ultimate examples of style over substance, it's a bloody, beautiful assault on the senses. A dazzling, anxiety-fueled thriller filled with intense atmosphere of torrential thunderstorms, mind blowing use of hypnotically vivid color and light, a driving haunting score, impossible architecture, punctuated with outrageous murder tableaux and supernatural set pieces. Overall, it's a seminal combination of art and horror film that, no matter how hard they may try, has no true equal.

  • The Birds

    The Birds


    "I'm neither poor nor innocent."

    The Birds as a film is exceptional because of its ingenius director. This film is enjoyable to watch multiple times because it was so carefully planned and well constructed on so many levels. It also offers an opportunity to re-live American society as it was over 50 years ago. The clothes, the hairstyles, the cars, the buildings, how people interacted with each other, so interesting to watch! Alfred Hitchcock didn't crank films out like cookies. He took his sweet time and made real gems. Overall, The Birds is a fun horror film that's multifaceted and fascinating.

  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


    "I think we just picked up Dracula."

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is one of the only horror films to actually scare me. It has such a visceral, gritty, real feel to it. From the sort of narration at the beginning that makes you feel like you're watching a documentary, to the fact that all the scares happen so suddenly, when you least expect them, it really does almost feel like it's actually real. It's super disturbing in the best way possible and it manages to bother the audience like that while hardly using any actual gore at all. Overall, it's a unique slasher film.

  • Batman



    "Tell me something, my friend, have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?"

    Batman is one of my favorite Batman films, not just because of Batman (Michael Keaton) portrayal, but because of Joker (Jack Nicholson) over the top portrayal. He just stole the show. Gotham City is in turmoil until Batman comes on the scene. The opening scene where Batman confronts two thugs who just robbed a family of their money and jewels is classic. Also, Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger made a great pair, very classy. Overall, Batman is one of the finest superhero films of all time.

  • Batman Returns

    Batman Returns



    Batman Returns is one of the best Batman films. It's a shame that Tim Burton was only able to make two Batman films because he really was the one to kind of push the comic book hero to the next level and help shape him to the modern type of Batman we have today. Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer) is utterly gorgeous and a show stealer. The Penguin (Danny DeVito) is great as a disgusting dark take villain. Overall, Batman Returns is much darker than the first one, the film keeps in theme with the whole nature of "Batman".

  • Beetlejuice



    "It's Showtime!"

    Beetlejuice is a goth-fantasy film that is fun and creative. Some of the things I really like about the film is the excellent soundtrack, fun model of town, creative and imaginative look at afterlife, the sets, use of lines and color. Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton) is absolutely hilarious and will always be remembered. Lydia Deetz (Winona Ryder) gives one of her very best performance as the young Goth girl who can actually see the dead couple, Barbara Maitland (Geena Davis) and Adam Maitland (Alec Baldwin). Overall, Beetlejuice has been part of my life for so long and forever will be a favorite.

  • Sleepy Hollow

    Sleepy Hollow


    "Truth is not always appearance."

    Sleepy Hollow is absolutely wonderful in a classic Tim Burton film. Starkly beautiful dream sequences, brilliantly matched colors, costumes, atmosphere, great performances and Johnny Depp's sense of humor adds to the beauty of the excellently directed film. It's infinitely stylish, spooky in the best classic horror way, romantic and boasts wonderful actor lineup. I can't imagine a better choice than perfectly otherworldly, vampiric-looking Christopher Walken for the role. Overall, I love to watch it on a rainy night, it's such a well-written, gorgeous murder mystery scary-tale, you just can't beat it.

  • Open Your Eyes

    Open Your Eyes


    "I like love, but there's a time and a place."

    Open Your Eyes is quite unique. It involves future technology and that's not instantly revealed in the story-telling. It's directed by Alejandro Amenábar, who is also the writer and composer. It's the original film from which "Vanilla Sky" is based on, both starring Penelope Cruz. Something about this version makes it a bit more dark and edgy than Vanilla Sky. It's a very well constructed, economic screenplay that moves in a good pace that creates a suspense and mystery. Overall, I've seen it a few times and I've never get tired of it.

  • Ms .45

    Ms .45


    "I just wish they would leave me alone."

    Ms .45 has it all: a nun costume, a cat murderer's comeuppance, a great jam at a Halloween party and a reminder to all feminist sisters out there that it's not that men who can stop you (they all fall like so many dominoes), it's the women who have bought into the patriarchy who will bring you down. Keep fighting the good fight and remember to watch your backs! Overall, Zoë Lund, poet, priestess and esteemed screenwriter of Bad Lieutenant, also a masterpiece, created the ultimate screen heroine with a stunning performance that ever adult should see.