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  • Lucky


    Hellooo Brea Grant! I thought she did a stellar job acting and to my surprise she also penned a decent screenplay. Definitely, going to look into her body of work.

    Gorgeously shot. The selected musical tracks created the perfect mood for the scenes they were included in. The cinematography and attention to details (bruises, scars, cookies) really stood out. Special effects and fight choreography were subpar but not awful.

    It took me two acts to nail down the message thatโ€ฆ

  • Keep an Eye Out

    Keep an Eye Out


    Gem alert.

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  • Topsy-Turvy



    A definite recommendation.

    A masterpiece.

    Wow, this is contrastlingy different than the only other work of his that I've seen, Naked.

  • The Wolf Man

    The Wolf Man


    The horror version of the film by country list. Out of all the universal monsters The Wolfman was my favorite. When I was really young my father use to keep me up late to watch the universal monster features with him, sometimes even on a school night. I saw all of the main films and was looking forward to the week when they would play this one. I do remember this particular night. These were played on PBS or aโ€ฆ