Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Venom: Let There Be Carnage ★★★½

I admit that I was wrong, thats rare for me, so enjoy it. I just had the wrong idea about the character of Venorm and he’s always been like this, darkly comedic and silly. I just don’t appreciate that this character exists without first bonding with Spider-Man. I can’t be mad though because Venom as a character has walkways been the mirror image of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and the MCU version of the character doesn’t have the darkness that Venom can feed on, whereas Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock does. This movie was so ridiculously stupid, but it stayed true to the comics, even more than once making reference to the stand alone Venom title “Lethal Protector” AND giving Carnage the honor of saying the movie’s subtitle. It’s funny, it’s stupid, Incredibly bad like it was sitting on a shelf since 2005, but it’s true to the characters and I cannot fault it for that. I’m really fucking drunk as well, so there’s that. The mid-credits scene, I have no idea what make heads or tails of. Just stay cause it’s as bat shit as the rest.

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