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  • News of the World

    News of the World


    Episodic story with the old trope of a former Confederate soldier operating in the post-Civil War West.
    Tom Hanks is not believable as a man from Texas.
    Helena Zengel is fantastic.
    Beautiful cinematography with a nice pace to the story.

  • Mank



    Not the score that I was expecting from Reznor and Ross. Instead of their signature electronic scores, they opt for "traditional" instruments, although it is not the large Romantic symphony orchestra that you usually hear. The orchestra often sounds like a small one and uses a lot of jazz language, which studio orchestras of the time depicted seldom used, except for urban scenes or femme fatales.
    Folks who love Classical Hollywood movies will enjoy this film by knowing these characters…

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  • City Girl

    City Girl


    This is a very fine American drama about a family working to save their wheat farm just prior to the stock market crash.

    When "City Girl" was released in 1929, it had been partially synchronized with dialogue, which was not part of Murnau's original intention. The version of the film I watched was without spoken dialogue and with a newly composed score. The style of music was upbeat and definitely not indicative of the sort of incidental music that would…

  • Mulan


    Simple, uncomplicated story that moves too quickly and there are some story moments that are not believable -- it sure didn't take much to change Commander Tung's mind about a woman in the army.
    The film is geared toward children. Some slapstick silliness. But then there is a lot of violence. Some blood.
    Use of the melody from "Reflection" as a recognizable leitmotif.
    Didn't like some of the camerawork, like suddenly rotating 90 degrees during fight sequences. Also, there were…