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  • The Crow

    The Crow


    A personal favourite of mine. I am aware that this movie is kind of flawed but I still find a lot to really love about this film.

    I think the late Brandon Lee is superb in the lead role. He captures the grief and melancholy that informs his character really well. He also has a lot of really dark humour that I think really works. Considering Lee died before the films completion (Google it, it’s a sad story of prop…

  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World


    Slightly surprised I hadn’t seen this before now but this was a lot of fun. I really liked this a lot. 

    I love the style at play here. They play off the retro gaming aesthetic here so well and there’s lots of fun little references sprinkled throughout. The action is also really well done here. The effects and editing are fantastic here. It’s also a very funny film at spots. While some of the humour didn’t quite land for me…

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  • The Deer Hunter

    The Deer Hunter


    I wish I liked this a bit more than I do. What’s frustrating about it is that there’s lots of elements that should’ve made this a masterpiece for me. But as it is I just think it’s pretty good. 

    The acting here is superb. Robert De Niro gives one of his best and most powerful performances in this. He captures the mentality of someone who’s been damaged by war really beautifully. The same can be said…

  • Sunshine



    An interesting piece of science fiction from Danny Boyle. This is so different from a lot of his other films but it still works for me. There’s some genuinely spectacular moments here.

    While it definitely pulls from films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Alien it does still feel pretty unique. It’s a really interesting film with a great story that doesn’t sacrifice character for spectacle. While the film does look incredible and has some awe-inspiring sequences it doesn’t slouch…