Fever ★★★★

A weird, bizarre and experimental film, with a head-scratchingly odd storyline that revolves around a woman’s love of her horse, Fiebre (Fever). That woman is Magda (the stunning Isabel Sarli), who after the death of her husband eschews romantic relationships and will only engage in sex if her partner can make love like a stallion. Written and directed by Armando Bo, Sarli’s real life husband, the film is full of strange narrative digressions and an atmosphere that just about manages to stay on the right side of hysteria. The theme of bestiality isn’t as much subtext as an overt feature of the film – there are repeated and extended sequences of Sarli teasing her spectacular breasts while a stallion attempts to mount a mare. One sequence has film of the copulating horses superimposed over a clearly excited Sarli. This all sounds more than a touch dubious but Bo and Sarli manage avoid too much sleaziness and instead imbue the whole film with such strangeness and such eccentricity as to make it quite riveting. Of course, any film that has the magnificently statuesque Isabel Sarli parading around in all her naked glory is going to be riveting no matter what else that may be going on.