Gamera vs. Guiron

Gamera vs. Guiron ★★★★

This week on Ranking the Monsters, it’s Gamera in spaaace. Two features about intergalactic Kaiju action centering around the friend of all children who gets a theme song and somersaults around a poll in space. It’s good times.

How wonderful Gamera can be. At his best, he is the protector of all children and also the most endearing of Kaiju. Try not to fall for him as he does space gymnastics. Try not to be endeared by this alternative Kaiju series which by now has grown into its own respectable and self sustaining thing.

There’s some delirious space adventure happening here. These kids take a craft to an unknown planet on the other side of the sun. It is inhabitable but only lived on by two quirky space ladies who control this knife-headed Guiron. And he’s a special and fun creature too. 

The tonal commitment to a new planet hopping adventure pays dividends. This is remarkably entertaining and silly stuff. It’s never A tier filmmaking, of course, but there is something even more valuable about celebrating its peculiar uniqueness, instead.

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