Phantom Rancher

Phantom Rancher ★½

You know the plot of Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. A mysterious relative passes away and you’re granted free reign over their farm, tending to the homestead and crops, while expeditiously solving a B plot mystery about what has happened in the town.

That’s how this B western goes too. We find Ken Maynard, a steady hand with horse tricks, slumping into old age. His character gets his uncle’s ranch and then must go find out what really happened to his uncle. Lucky for him, donning a mask and a large hat are enough to fool the populace, even riding in on his same trusty horse, Tarzan.

Tarzan is the star of the show. Maynard is older and some editing still allows a horse stunt or too but this is a legacy feature. But the horse is the best actor in it. And the ambition isn’t quite as large as the hat featured in the movie (it is a very large hat). The good news is it’s 60 minutes and the bad news is it doesn’t develop much of anything of note in that time.

Phantom Rider. Phantom direction. Phantom script. Phantom development. Phenomenal horse.