Working Girls

Working Girls ★★★½

What’s new and different? The film focuses on a long day in the life of sex workers. The girls perform casually, their laissez faire attitude toward the need to do the work for money just accepted on the face of the film. Everything is accepted and shown with simplicity. Sex isn’t always sexy. Sometimes it’s just sex. Sometimes it’s a job. It’s always a job in Working Girls. And what else does it leave time and space for? The smartest trick of the film is the length of time spent looking inside the escort apartment and then when it’s about to give us what we most want, what it’s characters most want, an external life outside of the work, it freeze frames and the credits roll. Sex and work have left no space for anything else. They have consumed everything but now we’ve stepped outside it and left it behind, and the moment of character action against a film of relative inaction, is now suspended forever. It could be the start of the story. But it’s the end. So smart.

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