Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★★

2020 Ranking 

Specifically checked it out this time around for the editing and got to say, the surprise accolades and nods it's been getting in this regard are actually really well deserved. It's such a well edited film in a very low-key way, particularly in knowing just when to cut to specific reaction shots to mine the emotional potential from the material. In particular, the way it cuts to Riz Ahmed's face during Lou and her father's song is incredible. And also just the way it works in accordance with the incredible sound mixing.

Lastly, one thing I haven't given the film enough praise about is how it holds back details without being vague. I like that we get to fill in blanks about Ruben. It makes for more engaging storytelling.

Plus, check out the music video for the end credits song 'Green' which features a lot of alternative footage!

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