Pan's Labyrinth ½

i hated this so here is my thoughts: 
1. extra half star for being in spanish i haven’t watched something in spanish other than coco since literally 2019 so it was refreshing to see this also i feel so cool because i understand vosotros my mom made me learn when i was in like fourth grade it was stressful 😎 it payed off though
2. in that time i could have watched literally anything else
3. i left to literally a whole other city in the middle of watching this i also watched some phineas and ferb 
4. i also played subway surfers for like the last thirty minutes it didn’t do me any good to watch 
5. wasnt this nominated for an oscar literally what happened it was so boring
edit : apparently this has really good reviews maybe i’ll watch it again but with my mom or something because i was bored out of my mind

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