Xanadu ★★★

”It needs some fixing up. but I think it could look terrific.”
“So could the Titanic”

Top 3 trivia and thoughts regarding Xanadu’s & don’ts!

#3 Michael Beck didn't have to audition for the lead in this film….and became exhibit “A" of why you should ALWAYS require auditions for the lead in a film.

#2 According to Olivia Newton-John, the script was written during filming, which is surprising because you really can’t tell…..*cough, cough*….Oh man, it hurts when I lie.

#1 The word "Xanadu" is spoken 21 times in the last song….and the phrase “WTF” is spoken at least 21 times by those who view it.

And one final question:

Can one man save an awful movie, make it watchable, and even a bit magical? ...Yes he can!

Cheers Mr. Kelly! You were truly a national treasure.

”Kid you don’t need a builder. You need a demolition team.”

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