Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★★★★

i miss going to the movie theater, i miss loud soundtracks and loud sound effects, i miss movies that just start running and never bother explaining where they're going or why, i miss movies about cool stuff like monsters and swords and fistfights that are only incidentally about tough ladies and friendship and teamwork, i miss careful beautiful images for their own sake, i miss disregarding narrative for fun. milla misses running water and i miss it too, she wants to go home to a world that sucks so bad but at least doesn't have sandworm dinosaurs and dragons so it seems like paradise in comparison and i miss not living in a disaster within a disaster. after this i watched a bunch of t.i. songs on youtube and it made me miss rap videos where everybody just hung out on their porch and showed off their car, i miss hanging out on porches. the editing in this doesn't let you savor the hugeness or the emptiness or the crude and cruel beauty of the world and you miss each frame as soon as it passes, time and space are huge and empty and incomprehensible yet somehow each individual moment feels like an emergency, i miss knowing for sure what day it is and not being somehow bored and panicked at the same time. i miss having a mini altoids tin with special things in it that i carried around when i left the house, i miss leaving the house for something other than work. i miss movies that give you what they promise in the title in a way that shows they care very deeply about giving you what they promise in the title. i want to go home but don't know what that even means, home isn't home anymore, just a concept, in some other dimension.

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