War of the Worlds ★★★★

personally, i think the ending is depressing as hell, i'm not sure what the epilogue implies if the whole thing's supposed to be a terrorism allegory, and the whole basement chunk of the movie is...odd. it's all pretty ridiculous of course, but spielberg could sell ice to the proverbial eskimo if he made a movie about it - nobody else can pull off the human element in a disaster movie quite this well, and nobody else makes mass death by vaporization, bizarre gore, and the imminent extinction of the human race look so beautiful. elegant even. he also borrows heavily from JURASSIC PARK (because who else could he borrow from?) with great results, and uses digital effects in a very painterly sort of way that i wish we saw more often. can't believe i missed this in the theater, but then i remembered that in 2005 i was unemployed, didn't know how to drive, and was selling all my dvds for cigarette money. just as well i suppose, this probably would have turned me into a sobbing mess then. today it was more a quiet stab of pain.

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