• Kal Ho Naa Ho

    Kal Ho Naa Ho


    our manic pixie dream angel 😭😭❤️❤️

  • Black Friday

    Black Friday


    should have just been a movie about devon sawa and michael jai white teaming up to fight alien zombie monsters, who cares about all this other stuff

  • Female Prisoner Scorpion: Beast Stable

    Female Prisoner Scorpion: Beast Stable


    don't think i could deal with the world if i didn't watch some brilliant art about horrible shit that makes me want to die every once in a while

  • Frankenhooker


    made me really sad tbh, it's all just depressing on so many levels...but i guess i hope frankenhooker is happy with her forced femme bf

  • Five Dolls for an August Moon

    Five Dolls for an August Moon


    insane vibes, jazzy agatha christie softcore porno, love that nothing really happens for a while and then everyone starts getting murdered so fast it's hard to keep track. not at all sure what the plot was but that's hardly important.

  • Throw Down

    Throw Down


    does the thing that movies are supposed to do, the only thing movies can do that no other art form can, the thing i feel like everyone forgets - tell the viewer something vitally important through images and expressions without relying on story or dialogue to do all the work - and miraculously makes it look effortless. almost unbearably beautiful.

  • Seized



    a wacky, silly premise and a good villain is really all i need from dtv action movies - loved this plot and mario van peebles is unforgettable, idk i just love him and adkins and i thought this ruled!!

  • Sivaji: The Boss

    Sivaji: The Boss

    if i was capitalism i would simply not piss off rajinikanth

  • The Inspector Wears Skirts

    The Inspector Wears Skirts


    acab (all commandos are beautiful :) )

  • Asylum



    why didn't anyone tell me the last segment is just puppet master with lil robot puppets (ruppets)

  • White of the Eye

    White of the Eye


    extremely american take on some kinda michele soavi + nico mastorakis bad dream is the best i can come up with but honestly i have no idea what the hell this is

  • River of Death

    River of Death

    lots to love and lots to hate but idk i enjoyed this insane movie very much... a lady gives a skeleton a lap dance, goals