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  • La Libertad
  • The Pig
  • Edvard Munch
  • Day of Despair

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  • Heat


  • Midnight Cowboy


  • The Story of Adele H.


  • The American


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  • Guernica



    "The Italians were the first to bomb human beings from the air, when they bombed Libya in October 1911, just a few years after Leopold was removed from the Congo. Some newspapers complained. The Daily Chronicle described the scene vividly: ‘Non-combatants, young and old, were slaughtered ruthlessly, without compunction and without shame.’ The use of the legal word ‘noncombatants’is significant. The editor of the paper – Robert Donald – tolerated war, but not slaughter. The Italian air force, which saw…

  • Jean Eustache's Wasted Breath

    Jean Eustache's Wasted Breath


    "[Referring to photographs]
    In 1959, just after his electrician's diploma...
    [...] This one is in 1975 in America...
    [...] Jean in a tuxedo... very odd...
    [...] This one is much older, from the 'Cahiers' period.
    I'll keep this one, because it's more...
    when Jean wasn't so worn...
    I prefer to remember people when they were well, not later."

Popular reviews

  • A Summer's Tale

    A Summer's Tale


    In the choice between the intellectual, the physical, and the emotional, an 8-track recorder is deus ex machina.

  • The Aviator's Wife

    The Aviator's Wife


    One of the saddest films. And not just because of the tragic fate of Philippe Marlaud, but also for the film’s nuances on love and chance encounters that lead nowhere and yet reveal everything.

    She’s the one
    who steers me through dust
    and pools, the one who guides me
    across the city, who helps me
    when I can’t move my eyes

    She turns my head and says,
    "There is a post office;
    there is a public theater ..."

                - Robert Fernandez