Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 ★★★★★

My heart is brimming. Seeing this for the 3rd time didn't lessen its impact nor did i lose any sense of awe. For the past two viewings, I was invested in the story as a continuation of the original, but after the opening sequence i decided to watch it as something else: its own self contained story, its own contribution to the pantheon of great science fiction, its own living breathing soul that isn't bound to the label of a sequel.

What's amazing is i found an even deeper respect for it. It is very much a Blade Runner film, but this marches to the tune of its own drum in complete originality and scope that you can appreciate it separately from the first. All truly great sequels successfully expand on the themes their predecessors laid the ground work for, but 2049 is so unique in how it presents its quest to look inwards in every possible aspect, much like The Empire Strikes Back (though id go as far to say 2049 is possibly even better at doing that). Yes, sequels generally tend to try make everything bigger and better, but this is first and foremost an introspective character study that is not once sacrificed by the broadening of its scope.

It breaks my heart to see this amazing film not getting the financial recognition it deserves because this is science fiction at its most inspirational and awe inspiring. The Blade Runner universe isn't everyone's cup of tea, but this has a little something pretty much for everyone. If the runtime scares you, please give it a chance. For me, the near-three hours felt like 30 minutes. Which kind of sucks because i wanted this thing to go on forever. I'm confident in saying this is the greatest sequel ever made. 

"All the best memories are hers."

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