The Farewell

The Farewell ★★★★★

"Stupid child..."

one of the most rewarding second watches i've had in a long time. there's a lot of little details that i completely missed the first time around, most likely because i was so swept up in the collective experience in the theater where i and everyone else in the audience rightfully ate this up. but sitting in a quiet class watching this allowed me to absorb so much more. its understandable why lulu wang said she was more influenced by horror films a la Rosemary's Baby, since this is quite the suspenseful movie even in its most opaquely comedic moments. more than anything i appreciate this film for showing how the funny moments from real life are often at the expense of or in service to the more immediate and dire situations we all have at one point faced. one of the most beautifully directed films of the 2010's.

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