Touki Bouki ★★★★★

Paris, Paris, Paris...

the search for an identity, home, and purpose with the excruciatingly unforgiving process that goes with it. a film so beautiful that it felt like every cell in my body was being pulled and pushed in every direction possible; if i had to look at one more beautiful shot or intimate moment, my body threatens either explosion or implosion. even the smallest details contain a vast love and knowledge for what is being filmed. rides an insane and seemingly impossible line between being entertaining, enlightening, visceral, deliriously punk, fantastical and realistic. goes without saying Touki Bouki and its director Djibril Diop Mambéty rightfully and justly deserve a spot in the realm of cinematic visibility of their french new wave influences and its directors (see: godard, truffaut, varda, resnais etc.). you've never seen the collision course for the past, present and future like this before.

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