Planet Earth

Planet Earth ★★★★★

Today, with a bittersweet feeling, I watched the last two episodes of Planet Earth. I started watching this documentary series some 4 months ago, and what a journey this was. This is a remarkable achievement in film, be it for TV or not.

Almost every shot is breathtaking, astounding, beautiful. So many times I felt like a ghost, roaming freely through our planet, inspecting nature life and landscapes. The narration (by the very talented David Attenborough) is amazing, as is the soundtrack, but a part of me wishes BBC went all out and made this an epic, purely visual experience.

The episodes are very well written, to the point one could think it's all scripted, that Nature is making a show out of itself and reveling in the wonders of the animals that inhabit it. Also, most of the animals are so freaking cute it's unbelievable. There's so many things in these 11 episodes, I feel we're only seeing the tip of a huge iceberg of variety. I recommend this with all my heart, to every nature lover, to every human.

"Our planet is still full of wonders. As we explore them, so we gain not only understanding, but power. It's not just the future of the whale that today lies in our hands, it's the survival of the natural world in all parts of the living planet. We can now destroy or we can cherish. The choice is ours."

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