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  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Lynch's greatest film, a masterpiece, and most certainly the one in which his straightforward and avant-garde sensibilities are most perfectly in sync. The central thrust is exactly the same as that of Blue Velvet--the dark undercurrents of a deceptively "normal" small town--but here the horror is emotional, cathartic, beautiful, and the horrific crime of a father raping and murdering his own daughter is, amazingly, turned by Lynch into a story that is redemptive, and a woman, Laura Palmer, who until…

  • High Diving Hare

    High Diving Hare

    What amazes me about some of these Warners cartoons is how they seem to have been made on a bet e.g. "How many gags can we get out of this one tiny situation?" The entire Roadrunner / Coyote series was based on this notion, but High Diving Hare could almost be the prototypical version of it, with Freleng getting as many variations as he can on the concept of Yosemite Sam making Bugs jump off a diving board at gunpoint,…