The Evil Dead ★★★★½

At first seems like it's going to be a Re-Animator-esque gross-out because of the "tree scene", but after that settles into a fantastic groove all the more notable for its purity: this is the archetypal "cabin the woods" movie, and the humor that was front-and-center in the sequel here is so subtle you might not even notice it. I prefer this one, personally, because I like to be scared during horror films, even funny ones, and Evil Dead II, for all its cleverness, just didn't accomplish that. Ascends to a new height of greatness when Ash enters the basement and for a brief, blessed while the film becomes almost Dario Argento-ish, with the walls themselves leaking blood (courtesy of being projected by an aging film camera) and it seems like the house itself is a living thing. Also: for how miniscule the budget was, the effects are amazing. How did they do those transformation scenes near the end?