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This review may contain spoilers.

“Oh, my God. You actually think you have won.”

Some notes:
- Phantom Thread wishes
- the fisheye and backlighting is driving me nuts
- phenomenal screenplay, wow
- i’m overwhelmed to say the least

i need to type this out because The Favourite has been haunting me ever since i finished it last night -

when the film ended and the screen went to black - i really wasn’t sure what to feel. violated? hopeless?

so, i turn off my laptop and try to shake the eerie, unsettling feeling as i start to wonder why i’m not instantly a fan - maybe it’s not that good after all? maybe i should’ve seen it in theaters? i know something is bugging me but i can’t seem to figure it out.

from a technical standpoint, this film is amazing - the costumes are fantastic, the production design is breathtaking, the music is tense, the camera angles stress me the fuck out, the lighting is impactful, and every performance here is flawless - but why do i feel this sense of dread?

then it fucking hit me - “Oh, my God. You actually think you have won.”

when lady sarah (rachel weisz) says that to abigail (emma stone) i thought to myself “hell yeah she did!” and there was a feeling of triumph - everything has worked out for our protagonist, a couple of bumps in the road, but she actually did it. she won!

fast forward to the last scene - queen anne tells abigail to rub her legs, and refuses to sit down when abigail asks her to do so. it’s at that moment that abigail realizes she's lost, and all she's done is become the new favourite of queen anne. nothing more than another rabbit

abigail has risen all the way back up to the top - just to once again fall all the way back down to the bottom

maybe i was trying to process too many things at once to initially realize - but when i did it finally clicked. it wasn’t that i didn’t like the film when it ended, it was that much like abigail, i didn’t realize she lost until it was all said and done

the feelings i had at the end of the film weren’t about the film at all, it was the unnerving, unsettling feeling that came with the realization of what just happened. i felt out of control, like i was playing catch-up 

as the screen fades to black, i was left sitting on my couch - feeling just as violated and just as hopeless as abigail

what a film -

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