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  • The Hobbit - The Cardinal Cut

    The Hobbit - The Cardinal Cut

    The right amount of reverence for the novel, too much dedication to the self-imposed sub-4hr constraint. The first movie cuts very well, the second has a some minor hiccups (why is Gloin being carried in Mirkwood; Lake-Town feels speedy), and the third is total whiplash — no matter how much of The Pale One has been cut (rightfully so, Jackson’s decision to go full CGI on an already unnecessary was terrible) we need to see Thorin fight Azog (or anyone!!)…

  • Pretend It's a City

    Pretend It's a City

    Ain’t nothin like it anywhere, and I love it

    I’m still pretending

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  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi

    Wonderful. Highest recommendations. One of those movies that reaffirms (or reminds) what cinema can be.

    A review is a sales pitch, and that’s too cheap for this. A reaction is something else, but it can refocus away from the film, excoriating something essential of it from the body. One must be aware and not treat thoughts, feelings, words lightly. So, recognizing that this film has all I could ever want from it and more, I’ll leave mine here.

    Thanks Quon

    Day of snow, Beautiful Ocean

  • Parasite



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    It’s an odd moment when a beautiful fable turns sour. Odd because, maybe, it’s always a bit surprising how disappointing it is. Or, no — rather, how boring it is. Or.. ok. It’s disappointing to be bored, and odd to explain it. I’m in knots. I’ll start again.

    Much like it’s recent, (most?) popular national sibling, Lee Chang Dong’s Burning (2018), Parasite seems easily divisible into two more-or-less equal halves — pre-plot-kicking
    -in and post-plot-kicking-in. This isn’t to say there is…