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  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    Oh la laa! I loved this movie. I went completely blind to watch it, I just had a friend who told me this was such a great movie last year back in October but it took me too much to finally look for it and appreciate it.

    The cinematography, the acting, the locations but most of all the story is amazing ...it is actually the 'living in the moment' experience next to the love situation in that elder time that…

  • Fanboys



    You want to take your shirt off.

    I watched this a couple of years but I didn't read much about it later, I didn't know it took three years to finally be released on 2009 after originally be planned on 2006, so this was actually filmed around mid noughties with a late 90s setting and mood, too bad this movie had to passed from all that with re shootings and more...

    But whatever the reason I found this movie so…

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  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    We were in front, we lived, we experienced, we watched the most epic film in years ...an epic-pop-super-overhyped-superhero film that took 10 years and many other films in development, something we won’t experience any time soon or probably never. This is cinematographic history, you liked it or not.

    Just like I’ve mentioned before we’re on the peak of the superhero genre and after ‘Endgame’ it’s gonna blow or at lest it’s never gonna be on that level of magnificent awesomeness. …

  • Hellboy



    Who are you calling a monster, pal? Have you looked in the mirror recently?

    On contrary of what most people being saying about this film, that it sucks that is terrible blah blah blah all those sad boring things ...I loved it! I had blast time watching it at the Big Screen.

    I enjoyed it so much because I knew what I was going to watch, I prepared myself and I revisited Neil Marshall' films so I definitely knew how…