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  • I Know This Much Is True

    I Know This Much Is True


    As Escape at Dannemora (a miniseries) was the best film of 2018, this was the best film of 2020. I believe that everyone should see this. It’s emotionally devastating and at the end, cathartic. Mark Ruffalo was fucking fantastic, as was the 35mm cinematography and the score by Harold Budd.

  • Faults



    This shares a lot of the same style as The Art of Self-Defense, which I am also still mixed on.

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  • Yesterday



    So refreshing and vibrant. This film is flawed with some weird editing and a cringe-worthy, annoying Kate McKinnon performance, but it’s so much fun. The story is so unique and exciting to watch unfold. Go support this!

  • Death of a Salesman

    Death of a Salesman


    Watched for English class. Good for the most part but some of the acting just felt too much like acting. Dustin Hoffman is super over the top in this and does a ludicrous amount of finger pointing, but is sometimes realistic. I also don't really buy John Malkovich as someone who could have been a college football player. As it is a TV movie, the camera work and sets are obviously not up to par with other great films of its time.