Broadcast News ★★★★★

"So, you like me, huh?
"I like you as much as I can like anyone who thinks I'm an asshole."

I love this movie, so much. What a perfect little thing. I love that it lets us dip into the lives of these characters at this moment that feels so massive, but the bookends give you enough perspective to understand that it's just a moment. I love that it's full of character work that makes the three leads feel real, so that it can get away with bits broad enough to be in sketch comedy. Every line of dialog is doing at least two things at once, and one of them is almost always being an absolutely perfect joke.

I am still trying to figure out how I only saw this movie for the first time last year, and somehow Holly Hunter's Jane is the template for every woman I've been attracted to in my adult life.

Also, it is an absolute crime that there was such extensive Himbo discourse online recently and William Hurt's Tom was left out of the conversation.

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