Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

I had such a crappy day and movie-going experience with relation to this movie that I couldn't even connect with it emotionally or get out of my head for more than a few moments at a time so I have no idea how to rate this.

First thing I did this morning was buy a ticket.

Then Vox posted a spoiler, which I saw and was bummed about seeing.

Then I got to the movie and I was to the right of a guy who laughed at every cut or shot in the movie and to the left of a woman who would not stop talking to her husband.

People in California theaters cannot help themselves from vocalizing every single emotion they have, or every single thing they recognize in a movie. When Charles Manson came on screen I swear to god, four people said in unison, "IT'S MANSON."

Anyway I was tense and miserable and this is less a review of the film and more of me just writing in a livejournal I guess. I'm not in a great mood, it's not this thing's fault, I have no idea how much I like it or dislike it.

Here are my only three thoughts at present:

- I missed Brad Pitt doing movies like this, please come back Brad.
- Is this the only Tarantino movie without the N-Word in it?
- I know it's Tarantino but cool it with the feet, dude.

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