Us ★½

Happy to be in the minority here. 
Us was awful. 

The scariest part was when I heard it was  2 hours long. 
The funnest part was when the cinema played the Halloween theme before the film started. 
I laughed, a couple times. 

But ultimately this was just nonsense. Bonkers. All over the place. And I was supposed to care? It wasn’t scary & it wasn’t tense, job failed. If the job was for it to just be different then well done. 
I can imagine Jordan Peele loving every word he put on the page. 

I did think Get Out was overrated. I quite liked the first 80% where it was just great storytelling before it just got too weird. Us is 80% weird and 20% decent storytelling. 

I wanted something more hard hitting. I left the cinema disappointed, but each to their own.

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