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  • Synecdoche, New York

    Synecdoche, New York


    Synecdoche New York is a colossal undertaking.

    Which is comedic in its own right considering the title means "A part of the whole". Perhaps that speaks to the enormity of life?

    Synecdoche is not just a gigantic work for the filmmaker and writer Charlie Kaufman but for the film-goer and the critic.

    At its bare bones is the story of an artist told through the rapid increase of years, seeing his life, loves, experiences and regrets in both dream logic…

  • In the Mouth of Madness

    In the Mouth of Madness


    Do you read Sutter Cane?

    Well. You should.

    During the 90s the self-referential horror film reigned supreme. After the release of Scream practically every horror movie had teenagers mentioning how the situation they were caught in was like Friday The 13th. A lot of this commentary serviced nothing. It stopped at 'people die in horror films for doing drugs or having sex' and similar shallow observations. Criticisms that were more glib than insightful.

    In the Mouth of Madness is significantly…

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  • Psycho Goreman

    Psycho Goreman


    Psycho Goreman: "The horrors you have just witnessed cannot be unseen. Your young minds will carry this until it consumes you in a miserable death."

    Little Boy: *dry-heaving*

    Little Girl: "COOL."

    Psycho Goreman is what would happen if you crossed The Gate with Mechanical Violator Hakaider and Gwar and Critters and added in E.T. and Toxic Avenger and a smidgen of Rick and Morty.

    Okay. Did someone put DMT in my popcorn again?

    C'mon guys. This movie is too perfectly…

  • Fist of the North Star

    Fist of the North Star


    "You are already dead."

    Imagine this scenario.

    The world has been ravaged by nuclear devastation.

    The small amount of survivors have been divided into peaceful communities trying to live off the land and roaming bands of ten foot tall punk-rock body-builders hellbent on wreaking wanton violence and destruction.

    You are the last hope of human civilisation. The last in a long line of a majestic Martial Arts. A hulking symbol of freedom who will punch the apocalypse right in the…

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  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984


    As much as I enjoyed certain elements of this film, I just can't give it a pass.

    I wish I could. I wish I could be the guy telling people who love fun, weird superhero films that this one was fun and weird enough to be worth the price. I don't see my role as a buzzkill. However I can't recommend this movie.

    I wasn't insulted by Wonder Woman 1984. I didn't hate it.

    But Murphy, it's a mess.


  • Soul



    Will it sound sappy if I say this was my favourite movie of the year?


    Oh well, lets take it from the top.

    Soul is the story of a music teacher/aspiring jazz musician named Joe who dies after landing the biggest gig of his career. Joe finds himself on a stairway to a big, bright, shiny light and wants absolutely none of it. Especially after getting so close to achieving his dream. So he gets off the stairway and…