Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ★★★½

My biggest problem with any documentary style production from Cohen is how hard it can be to watch at times. A constant awkwardness and unnerving anticipation of what happens next and how far he'll take it. This surprisingly never got that bad. And there's a lot of acted stuff in-between, more so than the last I think. A solid amount of subjects and groups covered. With parts like the father & daughter ball being weird enough that it didn't even need the inclusion of Borat. Though some felt very short and could have been the result of them being spotted out early and left with little footage. All in all maybe a little less crazy than the last, but for my taste I'll take a more palatable approach like this and I think this was slightly better than the last film. Cohen has definitely not lost it after all these years.

It's hard to tell how much of this is done through editing when it comes to the individual presented. some times shots are repeated and there's no way of knowing if one action is really linked to another. And it is at times hard to believe anyone would buy their act when surrounded by a camera crew during their interactions. But it makes for an impressively structured narrative through its use and it even has a solid ending.

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