Mindhunters ★★

"I guess we know his weakness... Bullets."

For the record, bullets are also my weakness. If you shoot me with a bullet, I'll be "Oh no! Bullets! My weakness! How could you do that? I will most likely not survive this scenario!" and then I might not say anything depending on how dead I am.

So, yeah... This movie... It tries to have many twists and dark thrills - but ended up just being some Saw and Se7en hybrid or something... That will get the kids butts in the seats! You see kids like this kind of stuff! It's dark! Kids love the twists! Do the twist! Kids! They like Christian Slater, Val Kilmer and LL Cool J!! I guess the point of this movie is that the FBI is dumb... Kids like that I think...

If you're a kid or if you want to just watch a so-so thriller - this movie is to be considered.

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