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  • Frankenhooker



    This movie won me over within the first minute of it being on. Frank Henenlotter is a mad genius! His films are intentionally funny and ridiculous but there is so much care put into them. From the intelligent and self-aware script that combines nasty exploitation elements with drug war/sex work commmentary to the DIY special effects and makeup, this oddity simply has so much going in it's favor. If I just had those interesting parts, I would be satisfied but…

  • Shoes



    Pair this with Liam Kyle Sullivan/Kelly's SHOES viral classic for maximum results. The stinging yet hilarious line by her mother when she says "What did you expect? Con-dams??" ACTUALLY YES MOM BECAUSE NOW I HAVE TO GO DO SHADY SHIT JUST SO I DON'T DIE OF PNEUMONIA BECAUSE I ROUTINELY WALK IN THE RAIN WITH NO UMBRELLA OR SHOES TO SUPPORT OUR WHOLE SHIT FAMILY!!!!


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  • The Set-Up

    The Set-Up


    Robert Ryan really was one of the best. What a great presence he has here. First an observer and then participant in this night of bloody matches and missed opportunities. While this is steeped in the stylings of noir, I was surprised to learn how much of this is strictly a boxing movie. Before the actual conflict reaches our protagonists, it mostly functions on the sadness of these two people who love each other yet can't find a middle ground.…

  • Little Sister

    Little Sister


    Countless things in this film that amaze me but having a celibate protagonist eliminates so much of the extremely tired and yawn-inducing cliches in tales of young people coming back home and meeting some guy/girl that makes them ~feel new things~. Not everything is a bone-fest and problems not involving your sexual organs are important too. As an avid film watcher and homosexual, I get really bored with heteronormative twenty-somethings films where the only catharsis and conflict is sexual relationships.…