4:44 Last Day on Earth

4:44 Last Day on Earth ★★★★½

All we have is each other. I love you, and we're already angels.

One of those films I'd imagine will only become more resonant going forward. Surprising how brilliantly it captures the zeitgeist of the 2020s. I find it hard to imagine watching it in 2011, even at the age I am now, and getting anything close to the same experience.

The subjective becomes universal, and an unavoidable truth unites us all even as we remain in the same ruts. Everything cannot be resolved because it wasn't before; why would shortening the time left change anything? It was already too late, the world was always ending and that didn't make us better people.

It's bittersweet, but we are who we are, and it's up to us to determine how we feel about that and who we hold close as it all goes up in flames.

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